Jane Gould (ex Iconic Eye, Our Distopia) has signed an album deal with AOR Blvd Records and will shortly start recording her debut album at Chrome Dome Studios in Sussex, with renowned producer/musician Steve Newman at the controls. 

With songs written/co-written by some of the top songwriters in the genre such as Nigel Bailey, Soren Kronqvist, Michael Palace, Phillip Lindstrand, Neil Fraser and Steve Newman, the album is slated for release this Autumn 2021.
Paul Rudland (AOR Blvd) said: “we are really pleased to secure Jane to our roster as we ramp up our releases for the next two years.  Jane was suggested to me by Steve Price, and as soon as I heard her voice, I knew she was a great fit for our label”.
Jane Gould signs to AOR Blvd Records